Why am I Not Seeing Deer While Hunting?

Why am I Not Seeing Deer While Hunting?

Few experiences in hunting are as thrilling as drawing down on a world-class, trophy whitetail buck. You agree, which is why you want to hunt — but it’s not going quite as well as you had planned. For one, where are all the deer? You can’t seem to find any! Without whitetail deer, a day of Fort Worth deer hunting is pretty boring. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you solve this problem.

There are quite a few reasons why this could be happening. Several of the most common include:

#1. You are not focused on Food

No, we don’t mean the snacks you brought! We know how exciting the prospect of a big buck can be when you get on the field. For this reason, it’s easy to focus solely on bucks. But don’t forget that the bucks are focused on does (female deer). And the does, like many other animals, spend a lot of time hunting for food! If you find their forest cafeteria, you’re much more likely to find the deer too.

#2. You’re not working with a hunting guide

Don’t try to do this on your own! At Stone Creek Ranch, our property features numerous box blinds and year-round feeders and feeding plots to give you the best possible opportunity to harvest your trophy whitetail deer. Our guides scout the entire ranch year-round to provide the best possible Fort Worth whitetail deer hunts throughout the year. Our experienced hunting guides and friendly, accommodating staff work to make sure your time with us is a memorable one.

#3. You’re scaring them off.

You can’t expect a deer to fall into your lap. They have exceptional survival instincts. This means their nose, ears, and eyes all warn them of danger. You can’t cut any corners, during the rut or any other time of year. It’s possible that you’re too noisy or too smelly. Did you wear cologne or wash your clothes in scented detergent? Try to minimize your scent as much as possible. And lastly, find a great blind (a well hidden area and positioned properly with the wind), and wait.

#4. Your hunting during the day.

Deer feed at night. This means you’ll want to get set up an hour or two before first light so your hunting day begins as their feeding time ends and they’re looking for a spot to sleep. For the first several weeks of the season, another good time to hunt is the last two hours of the evening. Either way, the heat of the midday sun is no time to find a deer. If you’re not seeing deer, you might be reaching your blind too late and leaving too early.

#5. You’re not changing with the wind.

Nature gave whitetail deer a super power in their nose. Even blinds high off the ground aren’t foolproof in the wind. The deer in the area may be smelling you long before you can see them. It is incredibly important that you pay attention to the wind and stay downwind of deer. If you plan to hunt feeding grounds, make sure the wind isn’t blowing toward approaching deer. As the wind changes directions, you need to move too! If you’re not seeing deer, don’t lose hope. Success can come when you least expect it when you’re hunting. By changing and adapting to wind conditions, you’ll regain the edge you need to walk away with a prize.

Fort Worth Deer Hunting at Stone Creek Ranch 

It’s time to make this a lot easier on yourself. If you’re thinking about Fort Worth deer hunting, the place to go is Stone Creek Ranch. Texas is world-renowned for its impressive whitetail deer, and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the premier destination within the Fort Worth area. We offer world-class whitetail, with experiences available year-round. We offer both rifle and bowhunting opportunities. The choice is yours!

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