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How to Stay Calm While Taking Your Shot at a Whitetail Deer

Few things in life are as exciting as hunting a whitetail deer. That being said, few things ruin a shot, like getting too nervous or excited as you pull the trigger. Your ability to stay calm may be the difference between a hit or a miss and potentially ruining your whitetail deer hunting experience. It is essential for a successful Dallas area deer hunt to stay calm, but how? We have put together a few expert tips and tricks to teach you how to do just that.

Tip #1 Imagine your Experience Before-Hand

One of the best ways to stay calm during this experience, or any other, is to imagine it happening over and over again. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to experience the opportunity to hunt a whitetail deer frequently enough that it becomes so routine we’re able to control our natural reactions. Instead, imagine the experience and prepare yourself for the encounter.

Visualize the entire setting, in as much detail as possible. Imagine your exact view from the location you’d be whitetail deer hunting from. Visualize how to calmly set your sights on him, squeeze the trigger, and see him drop him right on the spot.

Tip #2 Learn Breathing Techniques

Learn how to breathe deep and evenly. Set aside time to develop breathing techniques that calm your mind and center your breathing. Make sure to practice in a place you will not be disturbed where you can apply your full attention without interruption. When breathing like this becomes second nature, it will be easy to slip into it when you’re nervous and excited on the day of the hunt. If you practice this enough, you will gain confidence in your breathing and remain calm when the time comes.

This isn’t a new idea, by the way. These techniques have been used for thousands of years by people in all forms of hunting and many sports situations. Professionals in the industry recommend you set aside 15 minutes twice every day to practice relaxation and visualization.

Tip #3 Practice Pulling the Trigger

You can’t practice hunting whitetail deer, but you can practice shooting. Feeling comfortable and confident pulling the trigger takes away one of the biggest nerve-wracking experiences of the hunt. For this reason, visiting a shooting range regularly during the weeks leading up to your hunt to practice not only the actual shot but getting your gun ready as calmly and quietly as possible can increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

Get Your Trophy

At Stone Creek, we know how you choose to hunt matters. If you’re looking for a new location to hunt whitetail deer, we have you covered. Our seasoned hunting guides are here to help you bring a trophy home. When you’re here, we make sure you have the best opportunities to get the perfect shot.

And what’s even more exciting, is we have over twenty different species to choose from and the ranch sits in  the beautiful Texas hill country. With these hunting tips, your trip to Stone Creek Ranch is sure to be one you remember for a lifetime — book your hunt today!

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