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Top 5 Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

There are plenty of ways to hunt Whitetail Deer. In fact, there are so many tips and tricks out there that it’s hard to know which ones to follow! We’re here to help you cut through all of that noise and find Whitetail Deer hunting advice that actually works. If you want to be successful on your next hunt, follow this expert advice:

#1 Go Early in the Morning.

In the early morning in Texas, it’s misty. During this time, you’ll see a lot more Whitetail Deer. Both bucks and does are more active in misty, early morning conditions. Don’t plan on sleeping in during your time at Stone Creek Ranch!

#2 Be Quiet!

Deer can hear much better than they can see. In fact, Whitetail Deer can hear up to a mile away, and in some cases, even farther away. For this reason, they rely on their sense of hearing to be able to pick up on incoming predators. They are able to hear leaves crunch beneath your boots, chatting, or the sound of a gunshot.

#3 Find a Tree Stand.

There have been advances in technology in all areas of life, hunting included. Yet, one of the oldest tricks in the book still works just as well as anything new and fancy. Whitetail Deer don’t look up very often, meaning they’re not going to see you in a tree stand as long as you’re quiet. For this reason, tree stands are very useful.

#4 Avoid Any Strong Smells on Your Body.

Just like their strong sense of hearing, Whitetail Deer rely on their sense of smell, too. These animals can detect a scent from a good distance away if it’s potent or pungent. Be sure to wash your hunting clothes in non-scented detergent, and don’t use fabric softeners with any perfumes. Avoid wearing cologne or aftershave on the morning of the hunt as well. Experienced hunters will spray themselves down with some sort of odor eliminator in order to be as smell-free as possible.

#5 Map Out a Great Spot.

That’s not to say technology is useless when preparing for your hunt. With Google Maps or Apple Maps, you can make use of satellite imagery and find the perfect spot to wait for the deer. Ensure that the habitat is prime for Whitetail Deer, like near a watering hole.

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