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Texas Ram Slam

Texas Ram Slam

At Stone Creek Ranch, we offer the chance to pursue the Texas Grand Slam Ram, also known as the Texas Ram Slam. Our package showcases (4) Rams:

  • Corsican Ram
  • Texas Dall Ram
  • Black Hawaiian Ram
  • Mouflon Ram

Stone Creek Ranch has a great selection of Trophy Rams, including Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, and Mouflon. With no seasonal limitations on hunting, these prized trophies are available year-round.

At Stone Creek Ranch, choose how you want to hunt for your Texas Ram Slam, whether it’s Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, or Blind Hunting — we accommodate hunters of all ages, experience levels, and abilities.

The Stone Creek Trophy Ram Slam package guarantees all (4) average SCI Silver Scores. Most hunts span at least 2 days, but you can also opt to split your Texas Grand Slam Ram hunt into multiple trips to Stone Creek Ranch.

All-Inclusive Hunting Packages:

You may hunt using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind. Our Packages Include:

3 days / 2 Nights Hunting Package: $1,650 + Trophy Fee
2 days / 1 Night Hunting Package: $950 + Trophy Fee

• Additional Nights of Lodging additional nights $600
• Non-Hunting Guests $450 / night
• Chef prepared meals
• All-Inclusive Beverages
• One-on-one Guide Service*
• Ranch Transportation to and from the field
• Trophy Care (field dressing, caping, quartering of meat, and storage in our onsite refrigerated cooler)
• Transportation for your Trophy to the Ranch’s local Taxidermist and/or to local meat processor. (Hunter makes all other arrangements with Taxidermist and meat processor.)
• Game Room, Trophy Bass and Crappie Fishing and other activities as time allows.

*Hunters are encouraged to tip the guides 10-15%. Bowhunters are encouraged to tip guides 20%.

Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate Texas Ram Slam hunts.

More About the Texas Ram Slam:

The Corsican Ram:
Originally from the West Indies, the Corsican will usually be brown with a light colored belly. Males will often have long black hair on the neck that many call a ruff. The horn configuration on a ram can vary from a tight curl similar to a Mouflon sheep or a wide and flaring horn configuration. Horn lengths on a trophy-sized animal start at about 30 inches, and exceptional specimens can grow horns that measure up to the 40 inch mark.

The Texas Dall Ram:
The Dall Sheep is a beautiful horned species of sheep found through the western United States and Canada. Their summer habitats are the mountain and cliff regions of the area, where they are safe from predators and can forage for food. In the winter, they migrate out of the mountains and into the snowy open plains in search of food, where their white coat serves as camouflage from predators.

The Black Hawaiian Ram:
There are fewer Black Hawaiian rams than the other sheep species. The color of the ram is black with many rams having a little white on the muzzle around the nose and sometimes having an outer coat of reddish wool. The horns are usually dark and grow up, back, down, forward, up, and out.

The Mouflon Ram:
Mouflon sheep have red-brown, short-haired coats with dark back-stripes and light-colored saddle patches. The males are horned; some females are horned, while others are polled. The horns of mature rams are curved in almost one full revolution. They are native to Caspian region, including eastern Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran and also found in Europe. Their normal habitats are steep mountainous woods near tree lines. In winter, they migrate to lower altitudes.

Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate Texas Ram Slam hunts.

Trophy Fees:

  • Texas Ram Slam - Price on Request
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