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4 Tips to Become a Better Hunter

Hunting offers a thrill like nothing else. For you, hunting isn’t just an “every once in a while” thing. It’s more than a random hobby. You are passionate about hunting and want to be as successful as possible when doing so. Good for you! This kind of drive and determination is the first step in becoming a better hunter. What’s next, though? We’re happy to tell you! Stone Creek Ranch is your ultimate resource for all things related to hunting in Fort Worth, TX. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals:

#1 Get to Your Spot Slowly and Quietly.

Deer are incredibly sensitive to noise. While even amateurs and first-timers know to be quiet in the deer stand, many forget about the noise they make walking to the stand and settling in. Deer can hear this too! If you’re quiet, calm, and lucky, you may just be able to take a deer out on the way to the deer stand.

#2 Learn How to Walk Properly.

Deer can quickly and easily notice an unnatural sound in the woods. Slowing down will help you to walk quieter, but there is a certain type of movement you’ll need to adopt as well. We recommend putting a few coins in your pocket to practice. If the coins jingle as you walk, it shows that you have to adjust your movements. Perfect this walk and then you can creep through the forest silently.

#3 Avoid Using Calls.

Calls work well to attract deer to the hunting site, this much is true. The bad news is that they attract other animals like coyotes and bobcats as well. These predators would also like a prized deer! You don’t want to bump into either of these two animals while out hunting.

#4 Don’t Shoot at What You Can’t See.

You should never take an unclear shot in the woods for a couple of reasons. First, you might only wound the deer. This is poor sportsmanship to only wound the deer because it will suffer greatly. Doing so goes against the ethics of hunting. As well, you need to first identify the source of the noise before you shoot. It could be another person. Every year, the United States and Canada suffer from 1,000 hunting accidents and 100 of those accidents will be fatal. You may accidentally shoot an animal you aren’t supposed to, like an endangered animal, and have quite a headache to deal with.

Texas is world renowned for its impressive hunting opportunities, and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the premiere destination for it. When you visit a hunt lodge, you greatly improve your chances that you will bag a trophy deer. Located just two hours south of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, our property allows you to experience one of the best trophy deer and exotic hunting ranches in Texas. Our ranch features numerous box blinds and year-round feeders and feeding plots to give you the best possible opportunity to score a major harvest. Book your hunt today!

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