Axis Deer Hunts

Axis Deer Hunts

For Axis deer hunts in Texas to remember, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch has it all. Axis deer hunts in Texas have become increasingly popular since the species was first introduced to the historic King Ranch in the early 1930s.

More About the Animal:

The medium-sized Axis deer is highly coveted for its striking reddish-brown coat with fawn-like white spots and graceful, lyre-shaped antlers which can grow to 36 inches on trophy specimens. Axis deer meat is also extremely lean with 0.2% fat or less.

Unlike most deer species, rutting axis bucks can be found any time of the year, which makes it possible to hunt hard-horned and velvet-horned Axis bucks year-round.

The Texas Hill Country, with its semi-arid climate and abundant vegetation, is ideal for Axis deer, and the state-wide population has grown to over 50,000 with the vast majority found in central Texas. Stone Creek Hunting Ranch offers trophy Axis deer hunts to suit any age and skill level, from the novice to the experienced hunter. Our experienced hunting guides scout the ranch throughout the year to provide you with the best chance of a shot opportunity, whether you’re hunting with a rifle or a bow.

In addition to our large Axis deer population, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also boasts native Whitetail deer and 18 other exotic species including antelope, aoudad, fallow deer, buffalo, elk and New Zealand red stag, among other exotics.

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Trophy Fees:

  • UP TO 32” - $5,500
  • 32”+ - $6,500
  • AXIS DOE - $1,000
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