The Best Caliber for Texas Whitetail Hunting
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What is the Best Caliber for Texas Whitetail Hunting?

As you plan your next hunting trip, you have one thing on your mind: making it as successful as possible. This means bringing along the right gear to harvest a buck, and as big a buck as possible. While there’s tons of hunting tips from wearing the right odor to selecting the perfect blind, the thing that is more important than anything else is the actual hunting rifle you plan to use.

Choosing the Best Caliber Rifle

Being a top deer hunting caliber requires more than just knock-down power. The last thing you want is to set your sights on a buck and have it get away. You need a hunting rifle you can rely on to be accurate, strong, and easy to handle. We have a bit of good news for you.

The truth is that there isn’t just one ideal rifle caliber for Texas whitetail hunting but actually several! A few of our top favorites include:


The availability of ammo and knockdown power are among the first attributes listed for the 30-06. While the 30-06 has been around since 1906, it is still extremely popular. Why? Because it works so well! If you ask hunters, you will hear this option mentioned as their all time favorite or as their second choice time and time again.

257 Roberts

This is a wonderful caliber for Texas whitetail hunting. People who use it love this caliber for its accuracy and lack of recoil. You should be aware though that there is a limited supply of readily available factory ammo, which is a shortfall for this choice.

223 Remington

It has been said, “The only hunters who don’t think a 223 will kill a deer are those that haven’t shot a deer with a 223.” According to Mossy Oak, many competitive shooters are big fans of the 223 using heavy bullets in an AR style rifle. This is particularly true if you are hunting at fairly close ranges, because it is a great shot. Many consider it the best deer hunting caliber with least recoil generated. Bullet selection is critical if using the 223 for deer hunting, so be sure to ask a seasoned expert for help selecting ammunition.

243 Winchester

Many experienced hunters say that this is their number one choice for deer. The reasons are that it kills well, doesn’t kick back, and is able to be used by smaller adults and older teens. If you try one out, you will probably agree that this is the best all-around caliber because of the lack of recoil and fantastic accuracy.

25-06 Remington

While an old classic, this Remington still has great accuracy, light recoil, and great long-range capabilities. Many hunters try out different calibers and keep coming back to the 25-06!

6.5 Creedmoor

The Creedmoor has taken the hunting world as well as the shooting world by storm. Those who enjoy hunting with this rifle cite its accuracy, long-range capabilities, and light recoil as their reasons.

That’s not to say these are the only rifles you can bring on your hunting trip, simply a few of our favorites. Don’t worry if you didn’t see your favorite mentioned here. In fact, many hunters enjoy a successful trip using something else, like a 264 Winchester Magnum or even 260 Remington.

Texas Whitetail Hunting at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch

Texas is world-renowned for its impressive whitetail deer, and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the premier destination to do it! When planning your Texas whitetail hunting trip, we are here for you! Our experienced team is more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have, from which caliber rifle to select to changing your tactics late in the season.

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