Late Season Texas Whitetail Hunting Tactics
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Late Season Tactics for Texas Whitetail Hunting

In general, the Texas whitetail hunting season begins in early November and wraps up in mid-January. That means if you haven’t yet harvested the buck of your dreams, you still have time to do so this season- but not much. There’s no need to wait for the next rutting season, book now while there’s still time.

While we recommend getting your hunt in as soon as possible, you should know that a January hunt will be different than during the height of the season. Stone Creek Ranch is here to help provide late season hunting tactics.

Why is Hunting in January Different?

Hunting in January is different for several reasons, including the fact that it’s much colder outside. The proper gear for a November hunt isn’t going to keep you warm enough in the dead of winter.

Beyond warmer gear, the deer are different this time of year as well. The hunting season has been going on for a while, and the deer are smarter than they were 30 or 60 days ago. Older deer will be on full alert, and even younger deer will be leery of a food buffet that seems too good to be true. By this point in the season, deer have either wised up to hunting tactics or are no longer around for you to find. When the deer get smarter, you need to hunt a bit wiser.

3 Late Season Tactics for Texas Whitetail Hunting

The whitetail deer hunting season will be ending shortly here in Texas, so there’s no better time than right now to try out a few late-season tricks and tips. These tactics are some of our favorites for those looking to bag a last-minute buck in January:

Keep an Eye on The Weather

A successful hunt begins with planning when you’re going to go out. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost, January often brings high winds which makes hunting more difficult. Deer are too nervous to wander around when the wind is blowing and tree limbs are rattling. Not to mention, wind makes it easier for the deer to smell you and run away.

Additionally, deer like to go out in the dark this time of year, so a full moon will lead to a less-successful hunt. When the moon is too bright, the deer will hunker down overnight and be active in the woods when daylight comes.

Find Their Food Source

The old saying “find the food, find the deer” couldn’t be more true than during the late season in January. When snow and ice prevent them from finding enough food in their favorite fields, they’ll travel long distances to find it. That’s why we have year-round feeders and feeding plots on our property. If you set up camp in the only standing food source within a mile or more, you can rest assured you’ll be seeing deer before you know it.

Take Advantage of the Blinds

With the greenery and leaves gone for the winter, it’s nearly impossible to hide from a deer long enough for it to come close to you. This time of year, you’re going to need to take advantage of the blinds. Stone Creek Ranch features numerous box blinds in order to give you the best possible opportunity to harvest your trophy whitetail deer.

Texas Whitetail Hunting at Stone Creek Ranch

When you book your whitetail hunt at Stone Creek Ranch, our experienced hunting guides and friendly, accommodating staff goes the extra mile to make sure your entire experience with us is a fantastic one. This includes making sure you understand everything you need to know about late season hunting.

It may be late in the season, but there is still plenty of hunting excitement to be had! Texas whitetail hunting in January is like no other time of the year, and Stone Creek Ranch is like no other place in the state!

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