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How to Score a Whitetail Deer

Pulling the trigger and taking down a whitetail deer is the thrill of a lifetime. Once your excitement has died down, you have one big question: how big is it? Measuring a whitetail deer is a bit more complicated than many people realize. Here’s what you need to know:

#1 Do you think your deer is record-breaking and needs to be in a book?

First, understand that no official measurements can be taken until a mandatory 60 day drying period has elapsed. This is because the exact sizes will change during this time.

#2 All points are scored for the tip of the point to where it meets the main beam.

Must be 1 inch long to be scored.

#3 You need a flexible measuring tape.

Don’t worry, we have it!

#4 Measure the length of each main beam.

This is taken at the widest point inside the main beams. Start at the base and score along the outside of the beam to the tip. Next, you’re going to score the bucks inside spread perpendicular to the skull. You will want to be sure you use the proper angle to find the buck’s greatest spread.

#5 Measure tine length on one side.

First, stretch a piece of tape across the base of the tine so that the top of the tape aligns with the top edge of the main beam. You’re then going to score the circumferences on one side. Next, measure the main beam length on one side. Once you’ve done all three of these measurements for one side, do the other.

To provide you with the best possible Forth Worth area whitetail hunts, here at Stone Creek Ranch, our deer are bred from some of the top breeder bucks in the country. We ensure every hunt will be an unforgettable experience for rifle and bow hunters alike. This means you can expect the deer you take down to be large and impressive!

We know few hunts are as thrilling as drawing down on a world-class, trophy whitetail buck. In fact, that’s why we do our best to make sure your hunt is a hassle-free adventure. Our seasoned hunting guides and friendly, accommodating staff goes the extra mile to outfit your hunt so you can have a memorable, safe experience. When you choose to hunt a whitetail deer at our Fort Worth area hunting ranch, you’re not doing any of this alone.

Our guides also scout the entire ranch year-round to provide the best possible whitetail hunts. Because the ranch features numerous box blinds, year-round feeders, and feeding plots, you are sure to have the best possible opportunity to harvest the large trophy whitetail deer you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, including when the time comes to score your trophy!

More Resources:

Think you’re ready to score your animal on your own? Fortunately, several hunting clubs provide resources to help you score your animals and keep records for generations to come. Overall, these clubs strive to ensure the sport is preserved.

For official white-tail score sheets, you can visit Pope and Young Club or Boone and Crockett Club®. For exotic or safari animals visit Safari Club International. Be sure to browse their websites to learn more about their dedication to conservation and heritage!

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