Deer hunting mistakes guaranteed to ruin the rut

5 Deer Hunting Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin the Rut

October and November are the best times to hunt. Deer rutting season, known as “the rut,” is the highlight of the year for any seasoned deer hunter. With bucks on the chase for mates, unique behaviors emerge that make them much more vulnerable and easier to hunt. With testosterone building, the buck is ready to breed, but the does (female deer) aren’t. During this time, you can find a buck patrolling favorite hunts within his home range, rubbing, scraping, and covering ground in a search for that first estrous doe. If you’re lucky, you’ll find him before he finds them!

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Hunt

Few experiences in hunting are as thrilling as drawing down on a world-class, trophy whitetail buck. This is the best hunting time of the year, and you want to make the most of it. This is why you’ll want to avoid any of these common mistakes that have the potential to ruin the rut for you:

#1 Not getting out at the right times

Sorry, but the rut is no time to sleep in! This time of year, deer spend more time feeding at night. Oftentimes you’ll want to get set up an hour or two before first light to help ensure you beat the bucks to their bed. That being said, deer activity is typically early in the morning and late in the afternoon. That’s when they’re wired to move most and when their eyesight is more effective. For the first several weeks of the season, another good time to hunt is the last two hours of the evening. Don’t worry, if you book a hunt here at Stone Creek, your hunting guide will go over everything with you!

#2 Waiting too late in the season

A big mistake many hunters make is waiting too far into the rut to get out there. Many hunters won’t hit the woods until they see bucks running after does, and then they’ve waited too late. If you make this hunting mistake, you may end up chasing right along with them! It is far better to start early, even two to three weeks before peak breeding. This is when mature bucks are laying down signs and moving freely within their core areas.

#3 You only worry about bucks

The best part of the rut is that it’s your chance to score a big buck. When the rut heats up, it’s easy to focus solely on bucks. Don’t forget that what bucks are seeking are does. What are does seeking? Food! If you find their forest cafeteria, you’re much more likely to find both does and bucks This is a better way to spend your time, unless you truly enjoy wondering about the location of your buck.

#4 You sit down all day

The deer are on the move and you should be too! The rut is mating season, and these bucks are constantly moving throughout the forest. When a mature buck finishes breeding a doe, he’s off looking for the next one. He doesn’t lie around and take a nap. Now isn’t the time to set up shop in a hunting blind and wait around.

#5 You’re too aggressive

During the rut is certainly the time a big buck will make a mistake, but you can’t count on it. Unless a buck has a willing doe right in front of him, he’s going to act on his survival instincts just like any other time of the year. This means listening to his nose, ears, and eyes when they warn him of danger. You can’t cut any corners, even during the rut. The best rut stands are no different than those that are effective during the early season. They need to be in great spots and well hidden, plus positioned well with the wind.

The Best Place for Dallas Deer Hunting

The rut is the super bowl of whitetail hunting! If you’re thinking about Dallas deer hunting during deer rutting season, the place to go is Stone Creek Ranch. Texas is world-renowned for its impressive whitetail deer, and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the premier destination for Texas whitetail hunts.

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