Do I Need to be in Shape to Visit a Hunting Ranch in Texas?
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Should I be in Shape for a Hunting Trip to a Ranch in Texas?

You know it’s fun and rewarding, but what is hunting exactly? Is it a hobby? Is it a sport? If it is a sport, which many people consider it to be, does that mean you need to be in good shape to hunt? After all, the average rifle weighs about 12 pounds. During the duration of your hunt, you’re probably going to be carrying it around for several hours.

These are all great questions! As the premier hunting ranch in Texas, we look forward to answering them for you.

Do You Need to be in Good Physical Condition to Hunt?

Do you need to be in a certain physical condition to hunt? The most simple answer is yes, but this is a complicated question. There are a few things to consider. Let’s look further into the following:

What Animal are you Hunting?

Hunting a turkey and hunting an elk are two very different things. This is true for several reasons. First let’s consider the fact that elk are a nomadic species, covering large amounts of ground in relatively short amounts of time. This means that as a hunter you have to be able to cover quite a bit of ground, all while carrying a pack, bow or firearm, water, and the rest of your supplies.

Even if you’re at a hunting ranch in Texas, the elk won’t be waiting right outside your front door! You must be able to walk long enough to get to a good blind, one that will make spotting your chosen animal easy to do.

What Will You Be Carrying?

You’re not only walking around; you’re also carrying your supplies. While there are certain necessities every good hunter needs, exactly how much your pack weighs is up to you! You know you need a hunting rifle, but some are much heavier than others.

If you have the option, choose one you can more easily carry. Hunters are buying the best and lightest gear to reduce their pack weight by ounces or even pounds.

Do You Have Time to Improve Your Health and Stamina?

Getting in shape before your trip may be just what you need. This will allow you to walk more quickly, and for longer periods of time. It can save your joints, keep you from being out of breath, and allow you to push harder than an out-of-shape version of yourself could.

This doesn’t necessarily mean lifting weights at the gym, although it certainly could. Hiking is one of the best ways to prepare your body for hunting.

Other recommended exercises for hunters include: 

  • Lunges

  • Shoulder presses

  • Deadlifts using heavy weight

  • Leg presses (ideal for older hunters concerned with injury)

  • Pull-ups

  • Box step-ups and step-downs

  • High-volume calf raises

The moment when you have the success that you weren’t sure would come is when you realize that all the training and preparation paid off!

Ask the Experts at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch

If you still have questions, we have all the answers you’re looking for. Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is one of the best options for a hunting ranch in Texas. A big reason for this is our experienced and seasoned hunters here on staff. If you have a specific injury or chronic illness you’re wondering about, please reach out directly so we can provide you with specific answers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our hunting ranch in Texas is the perfect place for your next (or first!) hunt. Whether you want to hunt whitetail deer, an elk, a more exotic animal like a painted desert ram, or many other wildlife options, we can arrange a fantastic hunting experience for you. When you reach out and tell us exactly what you’re looking for, we can customize your dream hunt!

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