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Transcaspian Urial Sheep

Transcaspian Urial Sheep

Transcaspian Urial Sheep live in open rolling terrain where these wild sheep feed primarily on grass. Rut or breeding season occurs in the autumn and lambs are born in the spring when food is plentiful. There is a strict dominance hierarchy among rams based on their age and the size of their massive curling horns; the ram with the biggest horns is the leader. In the struggle for dominance, two rams push and shove one another and finally back away, rear up on their hind legs, and lunge forward and down, crashing their horns together.

Hunting Transcaspian Urials at Stone Creek Ranch is an experience like no other. Our expert guides survey our 300 acres every day, rain or shine, in order to make sure you have the most successful hunt possible. Whether you’re a novice hunter or a seasoned veteran, we’ll make you feel comfortable from start to finish. We’ll make sure this is a hunt you’ll never forget.

All-Inclusive Hunting Packages:

You may hunt using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind. Our Packages Include:

3 days / 2 Nights Hunting Package: $1,650 + Trophy Fee
2 days / 1 Night Hunting Package: $950 + Trophy Fee

• Additional Nights of Lodging additional nights $600
• Non-Hunting Guests $450 / night
• Chef prepared meals
• All-Inclusive Beverages
• One-on-one Guide Service*
• Ranch Transportation to and from the field
• Trophy Care (field dressing, caping, quartering of meat, and storage in our onsite refrigerated cooler)
• Transportation for your Trophy to the Ranch’s local Taxidermist and/or to local meat processor. (Hunter makes all other arrangements with Taxidermist and meat processor.)
• Game Room, Trophy Bass and Crappie Fishing and other activities as time allows.

*Hunters are encouraged to tip the guides 10-15%. Bowhunters are encouraged to tip guides 20%.

Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate Transcaspian Urial hunts.

Trophy Fees:

  • 35”+ - $15,000
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