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Red Sheep

Red Sheep

Natives of southern and southwest Asia, the red sheep is believed to be a cross between the mouflon and a transcaspian urial sheep.

They are fond of steep, mountainous terrain but are also at home in areas with thick brush, rocky ground and creeks, which can provide them with good protection. This adaptability to brushlands helps them thrive in places as diverse as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and the Texas Hill Country.

As you can probably guess, red sheep get their name from their coloring. This unique, wild sheep generally sports a light reddish-brown coat. Some also have white spots or streaks along their bodies, and many have light-colored underbellies. Older rams may also sport gray or black spots or streaks. However, the most striking feature of these unique creatures is their large, semicircular, ridged horns which curve toward the front of their bodies. These striking trophies make the red sheep almost unmistakable when spotted in the wild.

Hunt Red Sheep at Stone Creek Ranch

Red sheep are highly cautious animals and easily frightened by scent, so hunting them will surely be an adventure. There’s no better place to do it than in the heart of the Texas Hill Country at Stone Creek Ranch. Our expert guides survey our expansive property every day, rain or shine, to ensure you have the most successful hunt possible. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, we’ll make you feel comfortable from start to finish. Choose firearms or archery for your hunt, and whatever your style, we’ll ensure you have an experience you’ll never forget. And when the day is over, you can join us at the lodge for plush accommodations, world-class hospitality, and chef-prepared meals.

Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate red sheep hunts.

Trophy Fees:

  • TROPHY - $6,500
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