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Trophy Nilgai Hunts

Nilgai Hunts

Primarily native to the Indian subcontinent, the nilgai is one of the largest antelope species in Asia. 

However, after being introduced to Texas in the 1920s and 1930s by the King Ranch, they have come to thrive in the Lone Star State. And because they prefer flat, brushy areas, grasslands, and locations with few trees as a habitat, the nilgai fits in well in the Hill Country.

Male nilgai usually have fur that ranges from gray to black in color, and the animal may sport white patches on its throat, underbelly and the inside of its hind legs. Its face is often darker than the rest of its coat. The animal is very stocky, sporting a robust body, short legs, and a short tail. Notably, the horns on males (females usually are not horned) are relatively short and resemble small spikes at the top of the head.

The Nilgai is an exciting animal to hunt, given its excellent hearing, eyesight and sense of smell. These features make it spook easily when it senses a potential threat. For this reason, stalking and harvesting this animal will be a fun challenge. However, they must be hunted with care, not only because of their skittishness but also because they may be aggressive toward humans.

Hunt the Nilgai at Stone Creek Ranch

Hunting nilgai at Stone Creek Ranch is an experience like no other. Our expert guides survey our expansive property every day, rain or shine, to ensure you have the most successful hunt possible. Whether you’re a novice hunter or a seasoned veteran, we’ll make you feel comfortable from start to finish. Choose firearms or archery as your hunting weapon; whatever your style, we’ll ensure you have an experience you’ll never forget. And when the day is over, you can join us at the lodge for plush accommodations, world-class hospitality, and chef-prepared meals.

Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate nilgai hunts.

Trophy Fees:

  • Trophy Bull - $8,500
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