Kudu Hunts

Kudu Hunts

These beautiful African antelopes are masters of camouflage and can be quite difficult to locate. Their brown coats are perfect for hiding; but, if necessary, they can also reach speeds of up to 60 mph!

Hunting Kudu at Stone Creek Ranch is an experience like no other. Kudu can be hunted year round without any seasonal restrictions, and expert guides survey our 300 acres every day, rain or shine, to make sure you have the most successful hunt possible. Whether you’re a novice hunter or a veteran, we’ll make you feel comfortable from start to finish. Choose from a safari-style hunt using rifles or bow hunting (whatever your style) and we’ll make your Kudu hunt one you’ll never forget.

More About the Animal:

Feeding Habits:

Grazers feed on grasses and grass-like sedges. Some types of herbivores are grazers and browsers, but this antelope species are purely browsers.

Spiral Horns:

Kudu have long horns, which point upward and slightly back, and curl in a corkscrew shape. Their coats are reddish brown, with thin white stripes down their flanks. The number of stripes varies based on the species.

Trophy Fees:

  • UP TO 40” - $12,500
  • 41”-51” - $15,000
  • 52”-60” - $17,500
  • 61”+ - $20,000+
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