Blesbok Hunts

Blesbok Hunts

Native to southern Africa, the blesbok is a medium-sized, stocky antelope.

Both males and females sport distinctive prong-like horns, which curve in a way that can also make them resemble wishbones. Male horns measure 14 – 20 in., while female horns are usually a bit shorter (around 11 – 15 in.). They have a reddish-brown coat and a striking white facial patch, and they may also sport white fur on their underbelly, legs, and the top of their rumps.

Usually, the blesbok inhabits flat, open areas, much like the Texas Hill Country. They typically travel in small herds and family groups and are most active in the early morning hours when they feed. Because they tend to stay in their packs, they can be a fun challenge to hunt. Moreover, solitary males are extremely agile and quick to react, so you must maintain extra care and stealth when stalking them.

Hunting Blesbok at Stone Creek Ranch is an experience like no other. Our expert guides scout the ranch every day, rain or shine, to ensure you have the most successful hunt possible. Whether you’re a novice hunter or a seasoned veteran, we’ll make you feel comfortable. Choose from safari-style hunts using rifles or bow hunting. Whatever style, we’ll ensure this is a hunt you’ll never forget.

Trophy Fees:

  • $11,000
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