Cleaning Game After the Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt
Stone Creek Ranch

How Hunting Ranches Clean Game After Hunts

There are few feelings as amazing as the excitement you have after hunting your first Texas Whitetail deer, particularly if it is a large buck. After all, a lot of preparation, waiting, practice and patience goes into taking a shot. In fact, many hunters are so focused on actually harvesting a deer that they forget the experience isn’t over when the deer goes down. Once you kill the deer, it’s time for cleaning. And this just as important as the hunt itself.

Texas is world-renowned for its impressive Whitetail Deer, and Stone Creek Ranch is the premier destination for Texas Whitetail hunts. You’re sure to get your shot before too long, and we’ve got the resources to help you clean the deer after all is said and done.

Why Cleaning Game is Necessary

Cleaning game after hunting is essential because of the threats posed by heat, moisture and dirt, all of which can spoil deer meat through the spread of bacteria. You wouldn’t leave a piece of raw chicken in your yard all day, and then fry it for dinner (at least we hope you wouldn’t!). You shouldn’t do the same with your game—It’s quite literally fresh meat.

The process of cleaning game is also known as field dressing, and how you care for your harvested game will make a tremendous impact on how much venison you will be able to enjoy. If you don’t do it properly, you won’t get the best of the meat (or all of it). Not only do you want as much meat as possible, but you want it to taste good too. If you hear any complaints about the meat being “gamey,” it may be because of how you mishandled your game.

H2: Keeping It Clean

Cleaning game involves removing the internal organs from the body cavity. This should be done as soon as possible after harvesting the deer. Here are a few expert tips to keep in mind:

  1. Wear gloves when cleaning game (preferably disposable plastic gloves). Remember, this is not meat that you buy of the shelf, which has likely been better processed and cleaned. Diseases, parasites and other harmful bacteria can be transmitted via the animal’s blood or tissue into any nicks or cuts you may have on your hands.

  2. Cleaning game requires a sharp, sturdy knife. A good knife can make the work safer and easier because you are less likely to force the blade and lose control of the cut.

  3. It helps to hang a deer after field dressing. This is done to facilitate draining any excess blood or liquids. You can use a hose and water to help clean off excess blood, but keep in mind that moisture is one of the factors which contribute to bacteria growth. If you decide to use water, dry the game completely.

  4. Cool down the meat. Doing so lowers the animal’s body temperature, which helps kill off bacteria and other parasites. Skinning the deer is a great way to cool the meat quickly.

Quartering Laws in Texas

Quartering is the process of removing the forequarters (shoulders), hindquarters (hams), and backstraps from the deer. Please note, Texas law makes it illegal to process the deer (beyond quartering) until you reach your final destination. You may not ‘bone-out” the shoulders and hams. You may take trimmings from the neck and ribs, though.

What is Included in our Deer Hunting Packages

Few hunting experiences are as thrilling as drawing down on a trophy Whitetail buck. If it’s your dream to have this adventure, Stone Creek Ranch can help make that dream a reality.

We do a lot more than simply let you hunt on our property, though. Our experienced hunting guides and friendly staff always go the extra mile to make your stay a memorable one. We scout the entire ranch year-round to ensure we continue to provide the best possible whitetail hunting in Texas. Plus, we offer full-service trophy care that includes field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for easy transportation home. So don’t worry if you aren’t up to speed on all the steps in the cleaning and quartering processes, we’re here to help.

Our Texas Whitetail Deer hunting packages include:

  • One-on-one guide service
  • Trophy fee
  • Complete trophy care
  • Lodging
  • Chef prepared meals
  • Ranch transportation

Whatever you need for your trip, we can help you with it. From advice on what to bring, to helping you find the deer when you’re on your hunt, to cleaning game afterwards, the staff at Stone Creek Ranch is available for it all!

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