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Harvest a Trophy Aoudad at Stone Creek Ranch

The diverse species that make up the wild sheep and goat family exists across continents and habitats. With that diversity come beautiful pelts, striking antlers, and other features that make amazing trophies for any hunter. Perhaps one of the most striking of all these species is the exotic Aoudad, also known as the barbary sheep.

While this exotic animal is a native of North Africa, you don’t have to go overseas to harvest one yourself. Stone Creek Ranch, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, is home to the beautiful Aoudad, and all you have to do is head two hours south of Dallas/Fort Worth for the hunt of a lifetime. Keep reading to learn a few more details about the Aoudad that may help you on your hunt.

Aoudads: The Background & Habitat

The Aoudad is a native of northern Africa, mostly being found in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya, as well as a small number of the adjacent mountainous regions. While they are considered endangered in some parts of their native habitats, they have been widely transplanted to Texas over many decades, where they have found a near-ideal home. Like many of their species, they are at home in rugged, rocky, semi-arid, or mountainous areas, all of which are pervasive features of the Lone Star State. What’s more, they tend to populate open areas, too, which offer both isolation and space to roam. You can probably clearly see why this species would thrive in an area like the Texas Hill Country.


Although it is also known as the barbary sheep, the aoudad is actually much more closely related to a wild goat. However, don’t consider this striking animal exactly identical to the sheep or goats you will see in the common barnyard. These wild creatures are in many cases larger, more active and sport much more prominent features.

Typically, the aoudad stands 3 – 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs 100 – 300 pounds. They can come in a variety of hues, although reddish-brown and gray are the most common. Some will also have white and black markings on their bodies, and their color combinations will help the aoudad blend into its surroundings. One of the most notable features of their pelts is the fringe of long hair that begins roughly where the neck and upper chest meet and grows downward over the front legs.

Additionally striking are the aoudad’s massive horns. These wide horns form the shape of a semi-circular cone or half-moon and grow outward and in a V shape toward the back of the animal. They are larger at the place where they meet the animal’s head before becoming pointed at the tips. These horns can be considerably long, and trophy aoudads typically have horns of around 30 inches.

Aoudad Habits & Behavior

When hunting aoudad, it is important to remember that these are highly sensitive and intelligent animals that possess significant nocturnal habits.

  • While aoudads are social animals (often traveling in herds of 15 – 20), they do prefer solitude and are incredibly alert for anything new entering their environs. Alpha males can easily sense the intrusion of predators, and the herd will usually scatter and camouflage itself quickly.

  • Aoudads are primarily herbivores (although they may eat insects and other small animals), and they prefer to feed during the morning or late evening. While they will retire to rest after feeding,

  • Most aoudad herds will resume travel at night, preferring to move under the cover of darkness than during the heat of the day. They can also go a considerable distance in the course of a single night.

For reasons like these, hunters are encouraged to begin their aoudad hunts in the morning or evening when the animals are most likely to be feeding. Hunters should also use particular stealth when approaching these animals, as any movement could alert the herd to the presence of danger.

Hunt Aoudad at Stone Creek Ranch

The aoudad is an incredible species that has many features that distinguish it from other animals like it. This unique exotic has made Texas its home, thriving in the semi-arid and rocky areas that are expansive throughout the state. Their horns are trophies that any hunter should want to add to their collection, and there’s no better place to harvest that trophy than at Stone Creek Ranch. Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, we are home to numerous exotic species, five-star accommodations and a group of highly trained guides that will help ensure that you get the best chance to take the aoudad of your choice. Why wait to get your shot? Join us for a spring aoudad hunt at Stone Creek Ranch.

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