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Elk Hunting in Texas

How Much Does it Cost to Go Elk Hunting in Texas?

If you are going elk hunting in Texas, you want it to be an exciting experience. And if it’s your first hunt, you also probably have a lot of questions. One we hear often at Stone Creek Ranch is how much is this hunting trip going to cost. After all, everyone wants to be cost-conscious during their trips. We’ve got the answers you need to make your elk hunting trip a successful one!

The Cost of Elk Hunting

When preparing for your elk hunt, you’ll want to ensure you bring along everything you want and need to make your trip successful. There will be a few costs that you want to keep in mind ahead of time.

Notably, a valid resident or non-resident Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) hunting license is required for any and all hunting. The cost of the license varies, and more information on the type of hunting license you need can be found at our FAQ page and by visiting the TPWD website. Stone Creek’s staff is also happy to help you obtain the appropriate licensing. Just call us before you come!

Additionally, you need the right clothing (both for comfort and for safety) in order to hunt, and you may want to invest in items such as binoculars, range finder and camouflage gear. Also, in compliance with Texas Blaze Orange Laws, a blaze orange vest and hat is required for all persons on public hunting lands. However, blaze orange gear is not required at Stone Creek because the ranch is private land. Still, if you feel comfortable using blaze orange during your hunt, you are more than welcome to do so.

Plus, whatever rifle or bow you choose to hunt with, along with the requisite ammo, will be a cost to consider both before and after your elk hunt. You will want to make sure items are in good working order before your hunt, and that you properly service and maintain them afterward. If any of your gear is damaged, broken or old, we highly caution that you repair or replace it before heading out on your hunt. If you don’t feel comfortable using your own gear, Stone Creek has a variety of rifles available. Let us know before you come if you want to use one of our guns.

The Costs of Texas Elk Hunting at Stone Creek Ranch

Stone Creek Ranch provides the best shot opportunity percentage on a trophy elk, combined with down-home Texas hospitality and five-star quality amenities you won’t find at most other hunting ranches.

While other ranches may make it difficult to know the exact prices of your elk hunting trip, we believe in being transparent so it’s easy for our hunters to stay within budget.

  • The elk’s trophy fee will vary, and Stone Creek offers trophy mounting, dressing and meat quartering services. A cost breakdown can be found on our Rates page. Don’t forget to bring a cooler along if you want to take the meat from your hunt home with you.

  • Food, lodging, and beverages are provided at a rate of $450/day for a single room. Our double rooms accommodate two guests at a rate of $300/guest ($600/day). The rooms are plush and climate-controlled, and after your day of hunting, you can spend the evening hours lounging in front of our floor-to-ceiling fireplace!

  • Our experienced hunting guides and friendly staff go the extra mile to make sure your stay with us is a memorable one. Hunters are encouraged to tip the guides 10-15%, and bowhunters are encouraged to tip guides 20%. Hunters may hunt without a guide but must accept full responsibility for judging the caliber of the animal he or she shoots and the associated trophy fees.

For more information on costs, contact us.

What is Included in a Hunting Package?

Our hunting packages offer cost savings while also making sure you’ve got what you need for a successful elk hunting trip. Packages include:

  • The trophy fee for that animal
  • Chef prepared meals
  • One-on-one guide service
  • Ranch transportation
  • Complete trophy care

With these aspects of your trip covered, you’ll be able to more easily experience every aspect of what we like to call Lone Star Luxury.

Ready for Your Texas Elk Hunt?

Stone Creek Ranch is located on 300 acres in the incomparably beautiful Texas Hill Country. When you choose us for your hunting experience, you can be sure it will be one-of-a-kind. If you’re ready to kick off your Texas elk hunt, just contact us or book a hunt today!

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